4TH WORKSHOP! A virtual workshop to evaluate our competences, learn more about the SDGs and continue working as a team.

Last Friday, May 6th, we held the penultimate workshop of this academic year 2021-2022. Through the Gather platform, more than 40 people, students and teachers from different disciplines and locations, gathered online to celebrate the 4th workshop.

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The workshop began with a brief explanation of the workshop objectives and an introduction to the program. The three objectives that were developed during the workshop were: to valorize the competences acquired in Ocean i3, to identify the contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals and to consolidate the collective projects. 

The workshop continued with the presentation of the summer course on the Saltillo training ship. This summer course will consist of a five-day voyage aboard the Saltillo training ship, during which you will be able to enjoy the Basque coast and acquire knowledge about the ocean and navigation through different training activities.

The Ocean i3 community gathered virtually through the Gather platform.

Afterwards, the different activities were developed using the Mural digital whiteboard. The first activity consisted of identifying the competences that we are developing the most in Ocean i3, giving response to the first of the workshop’s objectives. These were some of the competences that the students collected on the Mural:

Negotiation, horizontal participation and commitment to share results

“We have had to negotiate in order to work together in our project” – Gaia + Rivages ProTech team

Multilingualism: management of a multilingual linguistic repertoire

“Language hopping is encouraged, valuing the richness of languages” – Mater 1 team

Transdisciplinarity: integration and management of knowledge through the contributions of different disciplines and the social context.

“Each member of the team is studying a discipline and contributes to the team with his/her knowledge the team with their knowledge” – Surfrider team

Integration of SDG values

“We have worked extensively on SDG 14: Underwater Life.” – Mater 3 team

Then, each team reflected on what differentiates Ocean i3 students by filling in the sentence “We know that a student has gone through Ocean i3 because…”. Some of the responses were:

After sharing the reflections with the whole community, we continued with a new activity about the Sustainable Development Goals. After reading the 18 SDGs and understanding them better, each team marked with a star those SDGs they consider they are working on the most and made a pyramid ranking. At the top they placed the five goals to which they consider they have contributed the most and at the bottom the ones they have contributed the least. Lastly, based on their reflections on the SDGs, they collected the most remarkable aspects on the panel Mural.

The SDGs to which we are contributing the most, according to the Mater 2 team, marked with a star. 

After a short break, the workshop was resumed to continue with the collective projects. As in the next workshop they will have to present the results, each team took the opportunity to put in common what they had left, to finish the projects and to organize themselves. To do this, they used the Google Slides tool, where they wrote down the results they are achieving. To communicate within the group, they were once again supported by the students of Translation and Interpreting (UPV/EHU) who provided simultaneous translations.

To conclude the workshop, a global pyramid on the contribution of the SDGs was shared in plenary. The global pyramid was created from the rankings made by each team. In the top three positions were the SDG 14 (underwater life), 13 (climate action) and 6 (clean water and sanitation). As the students pointed out during the workshop, “these goals are the basis of Ocean i3” and are directly related to the project’s mission: to reduce plastic pollution on the Basque-Aquitaine coastline. In fourth place was SDG 4 (quality education) and in fifth place was a tie between goals 12 (responsible production and consumption) and 18 (linguistic and cultural diversity). 

Global pyramid of the Sustainable Development Goals created from the pyramids made by each team

In this workshop, the Ocean i3 community had the opportunity to reflect on the skills and knowledge they are developing during this edition, as well as learn more about the SDGs.