2nd workshop completed!

Last Friday, February 18th, we held the second Ocean i3 workshop. Students and teachers met virtually, through Gather platform, to continue working on the challenges.

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After welcoming the participants, the general instructions were presented. The multilingualism instructions were also explained in order to manage the use of the four languages (Basque, French, Spanish and English) and ensure good communication during the workshop. Afterwards, students and professors started working on the projects as a team, and took the opportunity to get to know each other better within the group. 

Students and teachers met virtually through Gather platform.

During the workshop, the university community reflected on how to respond to the challenge and each team proposed a format for the project prototype that will be presented to the social agents in the next workshop on March 25, that will be held in person. To do so, they worked with the Mural digital whiteboard, where they were able to write down and share all their ideas and reflections. On the other hand, they built a group identity by choosing a name that represents them.

The participants worked with the Mural digital whiteboard where they were able to write down and share all their ideas and reflections.

In the last part of the workshop, each team prepared a pitch to share in plenary information about their collective project. Finally, a vote was held to choose the most convincing team, using the platform Mentimeter. 

Finally, we made a collective self-assessment of the use of multilingualism during the workshop and obtained a very positive evaluation. This would not have been possible without the cooperation of all the participants who contributed to maintain the multilingual atmosphere that characterizes Ocean i3. Thank you!