The 2nd Ocean i3 workshop is coming!

Next Friday, February 18th, the second workshop of this edition will be held, once again virtually. For this time, students and teachers will meet to continue working on the projects of this course 2021-2022.

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Since the previous workshop, the university community has been making progress in reflecting on the proposed challenges and on Friday they will continue to define their project based on the action plan created in the first workshop. They will also have time to get to know each other better in the group, and will get ready  to present the project to the social agents. This will take place in the next workshop in March. 

In addition to using the virtual platform Gather, which will allow us to meet, no matter how far we all are, we will also use the digital whiteboard Mural, which will be useful to share ideas and work together.

Once again, multilingualism will be present and will play a fundamental role. We will also have the help of the students from the Degree of Translation and Interpretation who will help with the communication between participants and will provide support through simultaneous interpretation via the platform’s chat.

During the workshop, we will be sharing the best moments through our social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can’t miss it!