The teams worked hand in hand on the proposals for the social agents.

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Last Friday, March 13th, we successfully held the second of the 5 virtual workshops of the 2020-2021 edition of Ocean i3. The university community (students and teachers) met to focus this time on knowing better the challenge, the roles and the work of each participant within the team. In this way, the collective projects that will be presented to the social agents in the 3rd workshop in April were better defined.

With the common objective of preparing the second version of the collective project, the students and teachers of each challenge met to define clear individual tasks, which were in collaboration with the team and the group objectives of each challenge. Likewise, both the contents and/or the prototypes and the identity of each group were devised and developed. Finally, a 3-minute pitch was held where each team presented the results of their work during the workshop to all the participants of this second workshop.

Limitations in the wake of the pandemic made the workshop once again completely digital. For this, we used two online platforms: on the one hand, Gather allowed us to bring the Ocean i3 community together remotely just as we would have done in person. On the other hand, Mural (a visual whiteboard for online collaboration) was the resource to work collaboratively and illustrated the entire work process of the teams.

Multilingualism continues to be a mark of identity of the project and played an important role in this second meeting, making the communication possible in the 4 languages ​​(Spanish, French, Basque and English). DREAM-EUSKAMPUS team presented us with the main objectives of the language policy that they have designed and the UPV/EHU team of French for Specific Objectives-FOS was in support of the teams, thus generating a multicultural environment that allowed us to work enjoying free and effective communication.