Green light for Ocean i3’s 4th edition!

Tomorrow Friday, January 28th , the first of the 5 workshops of the 21-22 course will be held virtually. During the workshops, projects will be developed in teams around a common challenge related to the pollution of the oceans by plastic.

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Students, teachers and social agents will be gathered, and each will have a specific role. Students will participate in the five workshops of this edition and work collaboratively on the definition of the group project. Teachers will guide, walk by and encourage students throughout the process. The social agents will propose challenges and guide students throughout the development of the projects.

In this edition, the community will work on challenges grouped into 4 areas:

  • Residues
  • Water cycle
  • Productive cycle and consumption
  • Nature and human impact

This first workshop will be focused on presenting and learning about the proposed challenges, starting to coordinate the teams and establishing objectives and work plans. 

It will be a multilingual and multidisciplinary workshop where the four languages of this cross-border community (Basque, French, Spanish and English) will be present. Once again, linguistic diversity will help us to continue to raise awareness about language. 

The students come from different disciplines (Law, Pedagogy, Fine Arts, Nursing, Sport Management, Advertising and Public Relations, Creation and Design, Material Engineering, Interpretation and Translation) and the social agents to attend will also provide a variety of different sectors (companies, associations, clusters, NOGs, Public Administration…).

From this meeting on, the Ocean i3 community teams will start working to meet the challenges and contribute to the reduction of plastic pollution of the Basque-Aquitanian transboundary coastline.

Drawing: Irati Urabayen Ruiz